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Leading Change

by John Kotter

This is a classic on organizational change. According to Kotter, Emeritus Professor from Harvard Business School, most change efforts fail because managers do not follow a well-established process for leading change.

Kotter recommends an eight step process:

  • Establish a sense of urgency based on market realities, crises or opportunities.
  • Form a coalition of people with the power to lead change.
  • Develop a vision and strategy to provide direction for change.
  • Communicate the change vision at every opportunity and role model the desired behaviors.
  • Empower employees for action by eliminating obstacles, changing systems or structures and encouraging risk taking.
  • Generate short-term wins that reward and motivate those involved.
  • Consolidate gains by hiring/promoting people and launching projects that support the transformation.
  • Anchor change in the organization by developing leaders who model the desired behaviors.

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