Making Change Work

Claxus works with you before, during and after a change to check the alignment between your organization and its strategy.

The Claxus Approach

We support your change stakeholders through workshops, dialogue-interviews, and facilitated discussions in which they explore the current situation, develop shared purpose, generate solutions, and test ideas in practice.

We begin by interviewing stakeholders to capture views on the present situation and requirements for the future.
Change Leader
Based on the interviews, we agree on change goals with executive sponsors and change leaders. The result is a shared sense of purpose within the team.
Change Workshops Stakeholders work together to develop a future vision. Solutions are owned by all stakeholders, leading to a commitment from each person.
Reflection in Action While people prototype, test and implement actions for change, we lead ongoing discussions to learn from experience and make improvements.
Organizational Consolidation Claxus provides support as needed while change becomes anchored in the organizational culture.


Sponsors, leaders and stakeholders at all levels who are involved with and affected by organizational change.

  • Executive leaders gain a constructive sparring partner and sounding board to test ideas.
  • Change leaders develop their ability to reduce fear and uncertainty in order to lead people through change.
  • Stakeholders benefit from sharing experience and developing a common vision.

This was undoubtedly one of the most successful change initiatives I have seen. The Claxus team was able to engage people throughout the organization.

Vice President, Manufacturing Firm

Image: Myrabella

Brain-Based Practices for Leaders

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