Communication Intensive Practice

Getting to the point and motivating people to action is what business communication is all about. We help people become more effective and satisfied communicators. The result—the message will be heard and listeners will be ready to act.

The Claxus Approach

Claxus combine techniques from the performing arts with exercises in clear thinking to develop confident communicators. Participants learn breathing and mindfulness exercises to deal with stage fright. Extensive practice in structuring content leads to clear and compelling messages. Programs are available for groups or individuals.

Prework Each participant prepares a short presentation or speech.
Workshop We focus on a rigorous approach to design and deliver messages that stick using exercises for mind, body and voice.
Practice Each person practices presenting concepts and making a pitch in pairs and small groups.
Performance After practicing in pairs and small groups, participants perform and receive feedback in front of the large group. Com­muni­cations are recorded on video for later reflection.
Feedback We build on ­stren­gths in one-on-one ses­­s­ions, using tailored exercises to clarify the message and refine body and voice performance.
Ongoing Coaching Claxus coaches are available to help individual leaders increase confidence and effectiveness when communicating.


Professionals who want to gain more confidence and communicate with impact.

  • Senior Leaders develop executive presence and impact.
  • Technical Experts learn to present knowledge in a way that people can understand and act upon.
  • Project Leaders develop their ability to communicate project status and influence stakeholders.

Image: Jon Candy

Brain-Based Practices for Leaders

Read moreWe explain the research behind why each leadership practice works and offer suggestions on how to use it to improve your personal and professional success.

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