How We Develop Leaders

Claxus prepares business leaders to drive results, inspire others, build talent and shape the future.

The Claxus Approach

Claxus uses real business scenarios and the latest behavioral research to improve decision-making and communication for leaders. Solutions are tailored to your needs and may include simulations, video reflection, action learning, 360 degree feedback and coaching.

Sponsor Interviews Together with the executive sponsor(s) we determine focus areas for leadership development.
Individual Preparation Leaders complete 360 degree assessments and identify individual development goals.
Leadership Workshops Leaders attend workshops on leading yourself, leading others and leading organizations.
Business Projects Participant groups work on a relevant business project with the support of an executive sponsor.
Reflection Workshops Individuals share leadership practices and get feedback from peers in facilitator-led groups.
Individual Coaching Claxus coaches are available to support individual leaders in reaching their goals.
Peer Coaching After intensive training by Claxus, leaders take an active role in developing their peers.


Programs are available for business leaders at each stage of their career.

  • Senior Leader Program is a venue for executives to share experiences on leading organizations.
  • Team Leader Program prepares people to lead high-performance teams.
  • Project Leader Program enables project managers and teams to deliver excellent results.

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Brain-Based Practices for Leaders

Read moreWe explain the research behind why each leadership practice works and offer suggestions on how to use it to improve your personal and professional success.

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